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Manufacturing Process

Step 1.
Greading & Peeling

Each lot of onion graded as per size & quality, manually field and tailed. Top layer of Raw onion's bolbs are removed.

Step 2.
Washing & Slicing

The pilled onions are washed by agitation washed onions are sliced in the slicing machine, strict hygiene is maintained while washing.

Step 3.

Sliced onions are fed in imperial dryer & without effecting the taste and pungency.

Step 4.
Kibbling & Sorting

Dehydrated onions are shifted in clean air conditioned room and fed into the kibbling machine to obtain the kibbled form the skins are removed from the kibbled with blowers to clean the product theme manual sorting is done to sort out any impurities.

Step 5.
Metal Detector Passing

Product passed through high power magnetic sticks then the sorted products are passed through a metal detector to free from any med impuries.

Step 6.

As per layer specification kibbled undergoes milling and sizing process the produce is separated into different particle size of chopped minced and granules.

Step 7.

Finished product are weighted and sealed in moisture proof food grade poly bag. The bags are packed in corrugated boxes or paper bags and made for export.

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